kool - Commands


Cloud native environments made easy


From development to production, a robust and easy-to-use developer tool that makes Docker container adoption quick and easy for building and deploying cloud native applications.

Complete documentation is available at https://kool.dev/docs



  -h, --help                 help for kool
      --verbose              Increases output verbosity
  -w, --working_dir string   Changes the working directory for the command


  • kool cloud - Interact with Kool Cloud and manage your deployments.
  • kool create - Create a new project using a preset
  • kool docker - Create a new container (a powered up 'docker run')
  • kool exec - Execute a command inside a running service container
  • kool info - Print out information about the local environment
  • kool logs - Display log output from running service containers
  • kool preset - Install configuration files customized for Kool in the current directory
  • kool recipe - Adds configuration for some recipe in the current work directory.
  • kool restart - Restart running service containers (the same as 'kool stop' followed by 'kool start')
  • kool run - Execute a script defined in kool.yml
  • kool self-update - Update kool to the latest version
  • kool share - Live share your local environment on the Internet using an HTTP tunnel
  • kool start - Start service containers defined in docker-compose.yml
  • kool status - Show the status of all service containers
  • kool stop - Stop and destroy running service containers