kool - Commands


kool - Kool stuff


An easy and robust software development environment tool helping you from project creation until deployment. Complete documentation is available at https://kool.dev/docs


  -h, --help      help for kool
      --verbose   increases output verbosity


  • kool create - Create a new project using preset
  • kool docker - Creates a new container and runs the command in it.
  • kool exec - Execute a command within a running service container
  • kool info - Prints out information about kool setup (like environment variables)
  • kool logs - Displays log output from services.
  • kool preset - Initialize kool preset in the current working directory. If no preset argument is specified you will be prompted to pick among the existing options.
  • kool restart - Restart containers - the same as stop followed by start.
  • kool run - Runs a custom command defined at kool.yaml in the working directory or in the kool folder of the user's home directory
  • kool self-update - Update kool to latest version
  • kool share - Live share your local environment through an HTTP tunnel with anyone, anywhere.
  • kool start - Start the specified Kool environment containers. If no service is specified, start all.
  • kool status - Shows the status for containers
  • kool stop - Stop and destroy running containers started with 'kool start' command. If no SERVICE is specified as an argument all containers will be stopped.