Kool Cloud

Build and deploy cloud-native web applications. Move your Docker-based environments to Kubernetes in a few minutes. Leverage Kubernetes without all the hassle.

Deploy your containerized apps easily

Run container-based applications in a managed Kubernetes cluster with the simplicity you always wanted.


Cloud Native PaaS

$ kool cloud deploy

Deploy your Docker Compose local environment to the cloud for QA or production with minimum effort!

Leverage all the power of Kubernetes with our managed cloud or spin up a private cluster in your own AWS infrastructure.

  • Deploy existing Docker Compose setup
  • Delightful DX with Kool CLI
  • Managed database services
  • All configuration as code
  • CI/CD friendly
  • Create Review apps per PR easily
  • Eliminate environemnts discrepancies
  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Support for WebSockets
  • Persistent storage on disk

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Our Platform

Start deploying your containerized applications today. No need for a K8S or DevOps expert. Empower developers to deploy in a cloud-native fashion.


Use your own AWS account, keeping total control and compliance. We enable K8S adoption for your team with our deployment framework. Get special support 24/7.

Consulting & Services

We can help you move apps to run in Docker and setting up the development workflow! Speed up cloud native adoption. Get help from the experts on our team.

Helping with the DevOps burden from teams that build and operate software at all scales

Firework Web & Mobile
Master Method English School
Completa Atacadista
Completa Atacadista
Olive Marketing Agency

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Slack community or email us.

When will I be able to test Kool Cloud?
The open beta phase is scheduled to start in early 2023. Be an early adopter and gain benefits and discounts!
How much will it cost?
Fine pick the CPU and memory resources for your containers. Use custom AWS resources if needed (S3, dedicated RDS, etc). Have clear cost forecasts for your environments. Pricing will be available for review during the beta program.
Who is the cloud best for?
Everyone wishes to deploy a web application running in containers to the cloud - from freelancers to enterprise-grade projects. From review apps to staging and production environments.
Is Kool Cloud safe?
Yes! Kool Cloud runs on AWS EKS with all security best practices applied. Kubernetes resource isolation, enterprise-grade backups routines. There's also an option for you to leverage Kool Cloud in your own AWS account if needed.

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