Kool Cloud

For developers stepping into the world of cloud-native development, Kool.dev is a game-changer. It bridges the gap between the complexity of container management and the efficiency of cloud-native applications, empowering developers to focus more on creating value and less on managing infrastructure.

Deploy your containerized apps easily

Run container-based applications in a managed Kubernetes cluster with the simplicity you always wanted.


Cloud Native PaaS

$ kool cloud deploy

Deploy your Docker Compose local environment to the cloud for QA or production with minimum effort!

Leverage all the power of Kubernetes with our managed cloud or spin up a private cluster in your own AWS infrastructure.

  • Deploy existing Docker Compose setup
  • Delightful DX with Kool CLI
  • Managed database services
  • All configuration as code
  • CI/CD friendly
  • Create Review apps per PR easily
  • Eliminate environemnts discrepancies
  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Support for WebSockets
  • Persistent storage on disk

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Our Platform

Start deploying your containerized applications today. No need for a K8S or DevOps expert. Empower developers to deploy in a cloud-native fashion.


Use your own AWS account, keeping total control and compliance. We enable K8S adoption for your team with our deployment framework. Get special support 24/7.

Consulting & Services

We can help you move apps to run in Docker and setting up the development workflow! Speed up cloud native adoption. Get help from the experts on our team.

Helping with the DevOps burden from teams that build and operate software at all scales

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Master Method English School
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Olive Marketing Agency
Revs Up
CoreWork Comunicação
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Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our Slack community or email us.

What is Kool.dev Cloud?
Kool.dev Cloud is a cloud platform designed to simplify the deployment of Docker Compose-based projects to Kubernetes (AWS EKS), providing a streamlined interface for developers.
How does Kool.dev Cloud enhance the developer experience?
Kool.dev Cloud extends the ease of use from our local development tool, Kool.dev CLI, to the cloud, allowing developers to seamlessly move their containerized apps to a Kubernetes cluster.
Can I use Kool.dev Cloud for any type of project?
Yes, Kool.dev Cloud is versatile and can be used for a variety of projects, supporting different tech stacks and frameworks. Any Docker Compose based project is pratically ready to be deployed using Kool.dev Cloud.
How do I deploy my project using Kool.dev Cloud?
After signing up, use the kool cloud setup command to configure your deployment settings, and then deploy your application to the cloud with kool cloud deploy.
What is the pricing model for Kool.dev Cloud?
Kool.dev Cloud operates on a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to pay by the minute for the resources you consume. Detailed pricing information can be found in the dedicated Pricing section on our website. Take advantage of our trial period with credits for early testers and adopters.
Can I use Kool.dev Cloud to deploy to my own cloud infrastructure?
Currently, Kool.dev Cloud is designed to deploy projects to Kubernetes on AWS EKS. If you wish to deploy to your own cloud infrastructure, our platform is built with flexibility in mind. Please reach out to our support team for assistance and possibilities tailored to your specific requirements.

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