Introduction - Getting Started

From development to production, kool brings speed and security to software developers working with multiple tech stacks, making their development environments reproducible and easy to set up.

kool will help you:

  • Stop installing different tech stacks on your local machine (e.g. PHP/Ruby/Python, MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, NGINX/Apache, Redis/Memcached, Node, etc)
  • Stop writing how-to documentation for setting up local development environments
  • Eliminate "it works on my machine" problems caused by different versions / setups
  • Maintain total control of each tech stack on every project
  • Work locally using the very same tech stack and versions as your production environment
  • Work the same way across different tech stacks and projects (e.g. Laravel, Symfony, Next.js, Nuxt.js, AdonisJs, NestJS, Hugo, WordPress, etc)