Introduction - Getting Started

What is kool?

kool is a powerful CLI tool designed to streamline the complexities of modern software development environments. It simplifies the use of Docker for local development, making environments lightweight, fast, and reproducible. And when you are ready, it will help you ship any docker-compose.yml based app to the cloud with an amazing Developer Experience.

Why would I want to use kool?

Using kool offers several advantages:

  • Easier Configuration: Say goodbye to the learning curve and frustration of configuring Docker flags, fixing user permissions, and managing local and global networks.

  • Simpler Containerization: kool reduces the cognitive overhead of containerizing your stack with an intuitive CLI interface for managing Docker containers and Docker Compose services. Leverage battle-tested presets and configurations so you don't reinvent the wheel everytime.

  • Faster Workflow: Enjoy the speed of spinning up new local environments, effortlessly switching between projects, sharing local changes with colleagues and clients, and deploying to the cloud—all accomplished in seconds. Collect on the benefits of containers technology like Docker today without the steep leaning curve to do it the right way.

  • Optimized Development: kool provides custom Docker images optimized for local development and deployment. It also includes pre-built Presets with sensible defaults for rapid project setup using popular frameworks.

Who is kool for?

kool caters to a broad audience, making it suitable for:

  • Solo Developers: Perfect for individual developers seeking a hassle-free way to handle Docker basics and immediately start using containers for development. From newcomers to senior DevOps, it's a friendly tool to anyone that enjoys and values good Developer Experience.

  • Teams of All Sizes: Ideal for teams, offering a unified approach to Docker while ensuring no loss of control over more specialized Docker environments. Making part of your DevOps needs a no brainer.

How to get started?

Getting started with kool is straightforward:

  1. Installation: Ensure you have Docker installed and then follow the installation instructions to set up kool.

  2. Start new Local Environment: Explore the Starting new Project for a spinning up local environments to kickstart your development journey with kool.

  3. Explore Presets: Check out available Presets tailored for popular stacks and frameworks, providing a head start for your real-world applications.

  4. Deployment to the Cloud: Check out Cloud to elevate your Developer Experience to new highs - start deploying containerized apps the way you always dreamed should be possible.

Now you're ready to experience a better, more efficient development environment with kool!
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