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Custom Resources

Most real-world web applications will go beyond just computing containers with your code — there's a vast myriad of other resources you will eventually need, like dedicated database services (i.e., RDS), replication, object storage (i.e., S3), CDN (i.e., CloudFront), just to name a few.

The Cloud team is ready to set it up for you when needed — providing you the Infrastructure-as-Code to live close to your application. While this is not built into our panel for self-service usage yet, you can just contact us via email with your needs, and we will work through your request.

Important to notice - current cloud scenario is flexible enough where you can use Shared cloud, or hire a dedicated stack fully managed by, or even better - if you want total control and access we can set up the Cloud cluster and resources on your own AWS account. Contact us to learn more about this possibility.

If you lack the DevOps expertise to determine your needs, we also have consulting services available to best serve you.
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