kool docker - Commands Reference

Create a new container (a powered up 'docker run')

A helper for 'docker run'. Any [OPTIONS] added before the IMAGE name will be used by 'docker run' itself (i.e. --env='VAR=VALUE'). Add an optional [COMMAND] to execute on the IMAGE, and use [--] after the [COMMAND] to provide optional arguments required by the COMMAND.

kool docker [OPTIONS] IMAGE [COMMAND] [--] [ARG...] -e, --env stringArray Environment variables. -h, --help help for docker -n, --network stringArray Connect a container to a network. -p, --publish stringArray Publish a container's port(s) to the host. -v, --volume stringArray Bind mount a volume. --verbose Increases output verbosity -w, --working_dir string Changes the working directory for the command
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