Wordpress - Presets

Start from Scratch

If you want to create a project from scratch, just go to the directory you wanna have the new Wordpress install and run:

$ kool preset wordpress
$ kool start

Upon first start, if the current working directory is not an existing Wordpress source code, it will create it for you.

Start with existing project

Go to the project folder and run:

$ kool preset wordpress

kool preset creates configuration files in order to enable you to configure and extend its behaviour.

The wordpress preset uses mysql and redis out of the box. You can review and change that at docker-compose.yml.

Run the following to start:

$ kool start

Now you can see your site at http://localhost.

To install wordpress, it will ask database credentials, the default ones are:

| Field | Value | |---------------|----------| | Database Name | database | | Username | user | | Password | pass | | Database Host | database | | Table Prefix | wp_ |

Check your kool.yml to see what scripts you can run and add more.


For publishing we recommend using Updraft Plus:

  • Install Plugin on your local
  • Create Backup
  • Download Backup
  • Install Plugin on the destination with a fresh Wordpress Instalation
  • Upload Backup
  • Restore it