Hugo - Presets

Using Hugo preset

Creating a new Hugo website

To make things easier we will use kool to install it for you.

$ kool create hugo my-website

$ cd my-website
  • kool create already executes kool preset internally so you can skip the command in the next step.

Adding kool to an existing Hugo website

Go to the project folder and run:

$ cd my-website/
$ kool preset hugo

kool preset will create a few configuration files in order to enable you to configure / extend it. You don't need to execute it if you created the project with kool create.

Using kool for Hugo development

  • To start the container to serve your Hugo website:
$ kool start

Then check out your site at http://localhost. If you wanna stop the container just run kool stop.

  • To create some new content:
$ kool run hugo new posts/

Check your kool.yml to see what scripts you can run and add more.