NestJS - Presets

Create NestJS Project from Scratch

To make things easier we will use kool to install it for you.

kool create nestjs my-project

cd my-project
  • kool create already executes kool preset internally so you can skip the command in the next step


kool docker kooldev/node:14-nest nest new my-project

cd my-project

Start using kool

Go to the project folder and run:

$ kool preset nestjs

kool preset basically creates a few configuration files in order to enable you to configure / extend it. You don't need to execute it whether you chose kool create command to start the new project.

By default nestjs preset comes with mysql and redis pre-configured, to enable you can uncomment it at docker-compose.yml file.

The host you will use in your application config for any service using docker like mysql, redis or mongo will be the service name in the docker-compose.yml, so mysql will be referenced as database, feel free to change the name.

Also comes with some scripts to bring you up to speed at kool.yaml, take a look at the defaults.

By default we always add a script called setup to help you setup a project for first time.

$ kool run setup

Now you can see your site at http://localhost:3000.

Check your kool.yml to see what scripts you can run and add more.