Upgrading Kool - Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Guide

Kool adheres to Semantic Versioning (SemVer) and is committed to maintaining backward compatibility, minimizing the potential for disruptive changes and multi-step upgrades.

The release of major version 3.x introduces a few breaking changes. Please review and adjust your projects accordingly.

It is recommended to rename your configuration file for Kool.dev Cloud from kool.deploy.yml to kool.cloud.yml. Although the old naming convention remains functional, it has been deprecated and will be removed in future releases.

Version 3.x introduces two significant changes:

  • The YAML syntax for services.<service>.build in the kool.cloud.yml configuration file must now align with the official Docker Compose reference for the service.<service>.build entry.
  • Image building now occurs in your local environment—specifically, on the host where you execute kool cloud deploy. Therefore, ensure that the environment from which you run this command has a properly configured Docker-image build engine (that means Kool to be able to run docker build command).

The old services.<service>.port should now be services.<service>.expose - which aligns the format to Docker Compose native configuration.

The services.<service>.public entry is now preferred to be a boolean value - simply set to true to indicate that the service should be made publicly available upon deployment.

There's a new version of our official installation GH action kool-dev/action@v3 - that will always install the latest v3 series release.

The first and now legacy kool-dev/action@v1 has been updated and froze to its past behavior of installing the latest version regardless of the major version mismatch. That is why kool-dev/action@v1 will for now on always install the latest v2 series release - currently 2.2.0.

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